Hi, I am Pastor Ross Brinkman. I have been Pastoring Churches together with my wife Lyn, in NSW Australia, for 25 years. I have been privileged to serve mostly within the Churches of Christ as well as time ministering at a Presbyterian Church and Outback Patrol plant (P.I.M).  

I love the Lord Jesus and the people He created whether they know Him yet or not.

I would like to invite you to share your story (testimony) with lots of people.

Yes, there is something remarkable about
 your story.

There is something remarkable about your story. Yes, your story. When we learn how people are lovingly pursued by God it teaches us many things about God’s loving heart and his powerful yet patient persistence. The Bible tells us that we learn what love is by the testimony of Jesus who laid down His life for us (1 John 3:16). We also learn this when we see other people, perhaps family, friends and amazingly even strangers go out of their way to serve and love us.

The Christian testimony however can simply stun us. For Christ compels us to forgive the seemingly unforgivable, like a friend of mine who forgave the man who stole his wife or like a mother I know who forgave the murderer of her son. Incredibly Christ Himself demonstrated this about as powerfully as can be done by praying for the forgiveness of the very men who put him on the Cross while hanging there in agony on His way to death.

   You can have all sorts of proof thrown at you and yet still refuse to be interested in God. However, it is hard to ignore the power of a beautiful Godly life. It is also hard to ignore the power of a life that was not so lovely and is turned around because of God. There are characteristics within Christ that come out in His disciples which are completely countercultural.

At the time of the Roman empire there is a record of the Romans casting out unwanted babies into the streets to die. They were seen as cursed and unwanted. Other Romans refused to take them.  The Christians however saw all life as a gift from God and began to take the children home and lovingly raise them. Completely countercultural in their day. But then, they were seeking to be like Christ, not like those around them.

Your testimony is powerful. It’s not so much because of you as it is because of the grace of God working in you.

Sometimes the very Character Christ produces in you is the most eloquent and powerful argument for the faith that people could find. Jesus foreshsadowed this very thing in John 13:35 when He said: ‘they will know you are my disciples by your love’. Your testimony is powerful. It’s not so much because of you as it is because of the grace of God working in you. Please share it with others

What Kind of Testimonies do people need to hear?

            The answer is simple. All sorts. I am after as many different types of people’s encounters with Christ as I can get, because people are different, and they will relate to different people, male, female, young and old, easy life, tough life. Stories of God’s conversion but also stories of His powerful ability to teach and lead us. The common factor is the call of God upon your life along with the eventual submission to His lordship and the amazing peace and Joy that comes with it. It is the story of personal redemption and transformation that Christ works through your own life. The stories of those who were raised as Christians and took on faith early and the stories of those who rebelled and had to turn to Christ after much misadventure. Stories of God’s closing and opening doors and stories of the encounters that made you realise God was real or that He was lovingly perusing you. Near death experiences and dreams right along side those who experience nothing miraculous but came to realise it was truth that Jesus died for them. My role is to prayerfully be the editor and share the testimonies of a good range of you. My role is not to change your story. If I decide to put your story into print I will contact you again for your final approval.

By submitting your story however you are telling knowing that there is a potential for your story to be published.

Does my real name have to be used?

You can change your name in the testimony if you wish, so long as you make your real name known to me. I really do not want to publish any accounts of people I can not pick up a phone and ring or if needed meet for coffee.  Most people are happy to have their real name used and that’s great. However sometimes people need to protect themselves, their extended family and other people that may know them for some reason. Perhaps a policeman or a headmaster or a judge. That’s fine. In those cases if published the story will include an explanation that names have been changed. In such cases feel free to give yourself a new name in what you submit, Oh, and you can simply use your first name and leave out the last.

Please give me the opportunity of sharing your story.

Here is a rough format of what I hope to print.

Word count: aim roughly anywhere from 500 to 2000 words, however if you really need more room then submit it that way. The questions below are a good way to structure your story.

•  Who are you

•  How did God get through to you?
      (this may well be the bulk of your writing)

•  What does it now mean to you to be a follower of Jesus
      (e.g. how has life changed)

•  How grateful are you, and why?

•  Briefly how have you grown in God since then?

One last thought. Please ask God in your prayers to lead you as you write your incredible journey.

(Remember, please do not exaggerate, just tell it how it is.
God does not need help. He is already amazing)

Wow. Such a deep privilege indeed.
I am so looking forward to reading your story.

  Pastor Ross Brinkman